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MJQR Vol 10 No 1 MAY 2024 front cover.png

Vol 10(1), May 2024

​The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

E-ISSN No: 3009-0237

In this Issue

Special Education Teachers’ Competency and Challenges in Teaching Children with Intellectual Disabilities: Narratives from Afghanistan

Samia Arjumandi, Narina A. Samah, Hadijah Jaffri

Pg 5-15



Exploring the Usage of #Kerajaan Gagal by Twitter Users During COVID-19

Nurul Ayuni Mohd Nuzulrudin, Ireena Nasiha Ibnu, Yasmin Yaccob

Pg 16-26



Needs Analysis of Developing Writing Module on Technology Platform in Improving Tertiary Students’ Writing Abilities

Raganeswari Ramasamy, Mariam Mohamad, Mageswaran Sanmugam, Hooi Chee Mei

Pg 27-38


Intragenerational Social Mobility and Migration Among Malaysian Professionals During the Post-Pandemic Era

Faizah Mohd Fakhruddin, Fadilah Zaini

Pg 39-52



Toys for Friends (TFF): A Community Service Learning (CSL) to Cultivate Social Responsibility among Primary School Students

Nurhidayah Mohd Sharif, ‘Atiqah Shaharuddin, Azura Sirri, Nur Shamsinar Ramli

Pg 53-63



The Understanding and Perceptions of PeKa B40 Health Service: A Qualitative Study in Felda Lubuk Merbau

Abdul Hadi Mohd Zuki, Mohamad Rodi Isa, Leny Suzana Suddin

Pg 64-75



Analysis of Sources and Channels of Disinformation Reported by Electronic Newspapers in Malaysia

Isyaku Hassan, Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi

Pg 76-84


Parental Guidance on Children's Use of Gadgets for Learning Purpose: A Systematic Review

Xinyi Wang, Cong Liu, Mohd Nazri Bin Abdul Rahman, Mohd Shahril Nizam Shaharom

Pg 85-100



Orthographic and Phonological Integration of Malay Words of the Pantun in the Dondang Sayang

Ong Shyi Nian, Komalata Manokaran

Pg 101-118



Spiritual Care in Palliative Settings: A Scoping Review of Caregivers’ Perspectives in Selected Islamic Countries

Mohamad Firdaus Ismail, Siti Norkhadijah Binti Sharel, Siti Zuhaidah Shahadan

Pg 119-125


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