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Launch of QRAM's 20th Anniversary Celebration.


Hello and warmest Greetings, everyone.


I am Dr. Chong Su Li, President of QRAM, and I am delighted to share with all of you the launch of QRAM's 20th Anniversary celebration. Whether you are a member of QRAM or considering being one, you may not be aware that as an association, QRAM has been in existence for two decades. This means that there has been a group of people who are dedicated to sharing and advancing the cause of qualitative research across diverse fields in the humanities, social sciences, and even in the sciences. Where there are social actors and human beings in the picture, we are there to uncover the nuances, connections, and lived experiences. So, how will we celebrate these last 20 years of dedication to qualitative research? We will provide a number of training workshops and seminars for free for QRAM members, we will dedicate one special issue to our journal,

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President's Speech

The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research, and we will also bring together the founding members of the association to celebrate their success alongside us at the International Qualitative Research Conference 2023 where reminiscences will be me made, and new shared experiences will be forged. On behalf of QRAM's executive committee, we invite both members and non-members to join us in our celebration so that our fellowship and scholarship will continue to grow.

Dr. Chong Su Li, 
President Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM)

For the complimentary seminars and workshops, please be informed that seats may be limited. We will comply by first come first served basis. Also, we may consider giving all members a fair chance of attending the sessions (e.g. priority will be given to members who have not yet attended any of the complimentary seminar / workshop.

FREE Seminars, Training, and Workshops!

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