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QRAM Research Grant provides early career and beginning qualitative researchers with the opportunity to win a research grant of RM2500 to carry out qualitative research.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following recipients of QRAM Research Grant 2023:

1. Dr Isyaku Hassan, Mohd Nazri,  Latiff Azmi, UNISZA


2. Alexander Stark,  Yohan Kurniawan, UMK


3. Dr.  Ong Shyi Nian, Komalata A/P Manokaran,  Universiti Malaya


4. AP Ts Dr Maslin Masrom, Logeswary A/P Krisnan,  Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM) is pleased to invite applications from QRAM members for QRAM Research Grant 2023.

Details of the call are as follows:

Area of research

Any relevant research area using the qualitative research method




Maximum of 24 months


a. present in IQRC (QRAM)conference; 


b. publish at least 1 paper in MJQR.


Note: The grant should be acknowledged in all publications and conference papers.

The application form can be downloaded from QRAM website: .The application should be submitted to QRAM Grant Committee via email latest by 31 December 2022. 

Any enquiries can be sent directly to QRAM Research Grant Committee.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Download the Application Form (QRAM Research Grant)

QRAM Research Grant Guideline

1.   Purpose: To provide funding access to members of the Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM) in order to advance the development of qualitative research and or aspects of it nationally and internationally.

2.   Scope of the research: Qualitative in nature.

3.   Eligibility: Any registered member of QRAM. *For non-life members - membership must be valid for the duration of the grant (max 2 years). 

4.   Amount: A grant of RM10K for 4 projects at RM2500 per grant. 

5.  Timeline: The funding is expected to be utilized for a maximum period of 2 years from the date of approval.

6.  Progress report: Every 6 months, according to the template provided. 

7.  Conditions / Output: Each applicant is only allowed to submit one application. Output to be presented in IQRC (QRAM) conference, and publish at least 1 paper in MJQR. The grant should be acknowledged in all publications and conference papers.

8.   Suggested Budget: [Can be Flexible]

a.   Travelling & Transportation
b.   Research materials & supplies (any item must not be more than RM300)
c.   Professional services (to include enumerators)
d.   Data collection (eg. token to participants)

9.  Monitoring: Budget will be monitored every 6 months by QRAM as part of the progress report. The grant will be disbursed based on receipts and expenses declaration during a progress report every 6 months, up to RM2,000.

A final payment of RM500 will be paid upon the acceptance of publication.

10.  Key Milestone Dates: 
Call for proposal - December 2022
Approval - 31 January 2023 
Disbursement – from February 2023 onwards


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