About Us

The Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia or QRAM, was established in 2002 by a group of academicians at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, led by Professor Dr. Marohaini Binti Mohamad Yusoff. The main aim of the association is to provide a platform for those involved to learn more about doing this type of research. Qualitative research is gaining popularity worldwide as researchers are now more interested in exploring and understanding issues and phenomena. Qualitative research is applicable in almost all fields of life, be it at the workplace or social and cultural setting. Doing a qualitative research is exciting and motivating as it involves seeking the answers of the what’s and the why’s rather than the who’s and the how many’s.

QRAM was officially registered on 4th September 2002 with the Registrar of Societies under Section 7 of the 1966 Securities Act. The QRAM logo is made up of three earthy and natural colours – blue, matte gold and copper. These colours reflect the approach in qualitative research that is friendly and naturalistic. It is about real-life contexts that deals with people and places as well as multiplerealities .The Two Evolving Circles symbolise growth and development that are both integrated and not isolated. “Q” stands for Qualitative Research that is a holistic and integrated approach, while “R” stands for Research that is willing to explore beyond the qualitative and remain open to new ideas and ventures.

QRAM is helmed mainly by academicians from local universities from around Malaysia. The President and the executive committee members organise activities such as qualitative seminars, workshops and forums to promote and guide researchers and academicians alike in approaching qualitative researches. An international qualitative conference is held every two years where speakers from other parts of the world are invited to share the latest in qualitative research.