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MJQR Cover VOL6 No02 2020.png

VOL. 6 (2), November 2020

The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

In this issue

Facilitating the Educator in Reading and Studying of Literature in English Using Netnography

Kalai Vaani Rajandram

pg 5 - 19

Facilitators and Barriers to Insulin Initiation: Results of a qualitative study in Malaysia

Jim Chai, Kok Thong Wong, Zanariah Hussien, Claire Anderson

pg 20 - 32

Motivation as a Critical Success Factor to Knowledge Management Efficiency and Tax Administration Performance

Umale Okoh, Muzainah Mansor, Marhaiza Ibrahim

pg 33 - 43

The Development of Technology-Based Application Tools in Identifying Students’ Misconceptions of Greenhouse Effect

Teng Hui Qi, Rohaida Mohd Saat, Hidayah Mohd Fadzil

pg 44 - 52
Abductive Research Strategy (ARS) and the Construction of typologies: An Example of the Use of Twelve Methods of ARS

Ong Beng Kok

pg 53 - 63
Bridging the Gap between the Policymakers and Researchers in Malaysia – A Qualitative Study

Lai Pei Kuan, Sivalingam Nalliah, Teng Cheong Lieng, Nicole Chen Lee Ping

pg 64 - 79
Sukuk Pricing: Exploring the Opinions of Experts Regarding the Possibility of Substituting Interest Rate with GDP Growth and Dividend Yield in the Valuation Sukuk Pricing

Hafizahtul ‘Aklaa Binti Mohamad Salleh

pg 80 - 99
Assessing Interpersonal Skills: The Needs for  Assessment Model for ESL Trainee Teachers

Siti Ummaizah Bt Meor, Saedah Bt Siraj, Rafiza Bt Abdul Razak

pg 100 - 111

Development and Rehearsal of Leadership Practices through Engagement in Formative Assessments

Tiew Y.W, Vighnarajah

pg 112 - 120

Coding Issues and Strategies

Tong Seng Fah, Geetha Subramaniam, Ilyana Janis

pg 121 - 126


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