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MJQR Cover  VOL 8 No1 2022 CoverPage.png

Vol 8 (1) May 2022

​The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

In this Issue

Maqasid al-Shariah as a Complementary Framework for International Council of Nurses (ICN) Code of Ethics for Nurses: Malaysian Context

Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Ismail, Siti Zuhaidah Shahadan, Tuan Sidek Tuan Muda, Muhammad Amin Ahmad Zaki & Salizar Mohamed Ludin

pg 5 - 12

Practising hope with a client who speaks suicide

Ling Sai Ang, Elmarie Kotzé, Kathie Crocket

pg 13 -23

Reflections of Conducting Online Interviews During the Pandemic: Benefits, Challenges, and Practical Solutions

Azrina Ely Ahmad Azhari, Jim Chai, Claire Anderson

pg 24 - 31                                                     


Flood Knowledge Management by Multiple Stakeholders: An example from Malaysia

Nurul Along, Iftekhar Ahmed & Jamie MacKee

pg 32 - 44


Fieldwork Experiences of Interviewing Tourist Guides about the Meaning of Work During a Pandemic

Yen Phin Ng, Bavinder Kaur Kler, Oscar Dousin

pg 45 - 55

Knowledge Management and Low Operating Cost Indicator of Tax Administration Efficiency

Umale Okoh, Muzainah Mansor, Marhaiza Ibrahim

pg 56 - 68

Social Media Users’ Understanding of Fake News Detection and Validation Tools

Wan Muhammad Zulhafizsyam, Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman

pg 69 - 82 


Waqf as an Instrument to attain Youth Empowerment for Sound Business Environment and Peaceful Coexistence in Kano, Nigeria

Nura Abubakar Gwadabe & Asmak Ab Rahman

pg 83 - 92 


Exploring General Practitioners’ Motivation for Participating in Continuous Professional Development: A Malaysian Case Study

Low Kien Yong, Foong Chan Choong

pg 93 - 109 


Interviewing in Qualitative Research

Chong Su Li

pg 110 - 116

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