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Vol 8 (1) May 2022

​The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

In this Issue

Maqasid al-Shariah as a Complementary Framework for International Council of Nurses (ICN) Code of Ethics for Nurses: Malaysian Context 
Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Ismail, Siti Zuhaidah Shahadan, Tuan Sidek Tuan Muda, Muhammad Amin Ahmad Zaki & Salizar Mohamed Ludin   

Practising hope with a client who speaks suicide
Ling Sai Ang, Elmarie Kotzé, Kathie Crocket                               

Reflections of Conducting Online Interviews During the Pandemic: Benefits, Challenges, and Practical Solutions
Azrina Ely Ahmad Azhari, Jim Chai, Claire Anderson


Flood Knowledge Management by Multiple Stakeholders: An example from Malaysia
Nurul Along, Iftekhar Ahmed & Jamie MacKee 

Fieldwork Experiences of Interviewing Tourist Guides about the Meaning of Work During a Pandemic 
Yen Phin Ng, Bavinder Kaur Kler, Oscar Dousin                                                        

Knowledge Management and Low Operating Cost Indicator of Tax Administration Efficiency
Umale Okoh, Muzainah Mansor, Marhaiza Ibrahim                                

Social Media Users’ Understanding of Fake News Detection and Validation Tools 
Wan Muhammad Zulhafizsyam, Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman


Waqf as an Instrument to attain Youth Empowerment for Sound Business Environment and  peaceful coexistence in Kano, Nigeria
Nura Abubakar Gwadabe & Asmak Ab Rahman


Exploring General Practitioners’ Motivation for Participating in Continuous Professional Development: A Malaysian Case Study

Low Kien Yong, Foong Chan Choong


Interviewing in Qualitative Research 

Chong Su Li

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