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MJQR Cover  VOL 8 No 2 .png

Vol 8 (2) November 2022

​The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

In this Issue

Exploring Teacher Efficacy Beliefs from The Perspectives and Experiences of Novice Malaysian Teachers

Aishah Hanim Abd Karim, Nurul Atiqah Mashudi

pg 5-17

The Next Normal in Malaysia: Morphological Landscape in the Future of Work

Komalata Manokaran, Ong Shyi Nian, Losni Manokaran

pg 18-29
Exploring Ethical and Social Issues in Social Media Among University Students

Muhammad Fadzrin Othman, Maslin Masrom, Nur Fadzilah Othman, Rasheed Mohamed Kutty, Hasniza Yahya, Wan Normeza Wan Zakaria

pg 30-40
An Exploratory Study into the Aspects of Work-life Balance among Academics in Australian Universities

Joanna Claire Miranda, Rezwana Karim Khan

pg 41-52

Educational Values of Primary and Secondary School Principals: A Qualitative
Study of the Text “My Educational Thoughts”

Alan Deng, Yuguang Wang

pg 53-62

Project Approach: Is It Feasible in Chinese Preschool?

Wang Siyu, Ng Soo Boon

pg 63-74

Being Beyond Brown: Colourism and Embracing Skin Colour among Young
Adult Malaysian Indians

Yuveisya Krishnamoorthi, Alexius Cheang Weng Onn

pg 75-86

A Framework of Collective Transport Planning: Case Study of Local Districts in Kelantan,Malaysia

Maria Mohd Ismail

pg 87-95


A Qualitative Systematic Review of the Women’s Experience in Managing Post-partum Haemorrhage

Sirajo Mohammed, Lee Khuan, Ruth Packiavathy Rajen Durai, Irmi Zarina Ismail, Saleh Ngaski Garba

pg 96 - 107


An Adapted Q-Methodology and its Application in a Tourism Study on Online Destination Image

Ke Zhang, Siao Fui Wong, Paulin Poh Lin Wong

pg 108 - 122

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