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Vol 8 (2) November 2022

​The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research 

ISSN No: 1823-8521

In this Issue

Exploring Teacher Efficacy Beliefs from The Perspectives and Experiences 

of Novice Malaysian Teachers 

Aishah Hanim Abd Karim, Nurul Atiqah Mashudi

The Next Normal in Malaysia: Morphological Landscape in 

the Future of Work

Komalata Manokaran, Ong Shyi Nian, Losni Manokaran


Exploring Ethical and Social Issues in Social Media Among 

University Students

Muhammad Fadzrin Othman, Maslin Masrom, Nur Fadzilah Othman, 

Rasheed Mohamed Kutty, Hasniza Yahya, Wan Normeza Wan Zakaria


An Exploratory Study into the Aspects of Work-life Balance among

Academics in Australian Universities

Joanna Claire Miranda, Rezwana Karim Khan


Educational Values of Primary and Secondary School Principals: 

A Qualitative Study of the Text “My Educational Thoughts”

Alan Deng, Yuguang Wang        

Project Approach: Is It Feasible in Chinese Preschool?

Wang Siyu, Ng Soo Boon

Being Beyond Brown: Colourism and Embracing Skin Colour among Young 

Adult Malaysian Indians

Yuveisya Krishnamoorthi, Alexius Cheang Weng Onn


A Framework of Collective Transport Planning: Case Study of Local Districts in Kelantan,Malaysia 

Maria Mohd Ismail  

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