Dec 14, 2018

You are intived to the 1st Group Reading Session organized by Malaysian Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Interest Group (MIPAIG)




Anybodies currently using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) in his/her research or merely wanting to know more about it, you are invited to join for free, the:

1st IPA Group Reading Session organised by the Malaysian Interpretative Phenomenological Interest Group, next Tuesday at UPM. Just type:



at the url address section in google to register online. The registration dateline is on Dec. 16th 2018. We are bringing in for you Prof. Dr. Tony Wilson from the London School of Economics UK. Kindly refer to the poster below for more information about the event as well as the contact person, in case you have any queries.

Seng Fah Tong
Jul 24

We will also disseminate this information to all QRAM members.


Chua Caik Leng
Aug 11

I’m using IPA & would love to participate if not traveling 🙏

Seng Fah Tong
Aug 12

Chua, what is your experience in using IPA, I remember people is looking for expert/teachers in IPA. Unfortunately the workshop is last year December.

Chua Caik Leng
Aug 12

I am getting myself in utilising a Heiderggerian phenomenological research approach for my DBA dissertation. Apart from that, I am considered a neophyte in IPA. Thanks for pointing out my oversight in the year.

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  • tsf
    Mar 25, 2018

    We often hear comments that qualitative study findings are limited to views and opinions from the sampled participants. Thus, it is difficult to generalise these findings. I wish to invite opinion and hopefully this adds on to our understanding.
  • tsf
    Aug 6

    how do we arrive at saturation?

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